An Introduction.

The blog project HIPSTERFANGIRLFASHION shows fashionable interpretations of our favourite characters from popular fandoms. Running alongside the cosplay-scene, we wanted to do something different: create wearable, everyday outfits. Inspired by our favorite movies, books and TV series. We wanted to show other fangirls (and boys), how to dive into different fandoms with simple means and easy tricks.

The whole idea behind our casual-cosplay project is to walk outside the house in seemingly normal clothes, but feeling like one of our favorite fictional characters. Outsiders might not notice, but other fans might spot the similarities and share our joy. We have seen many fashion sets and “xx gone hipster”- fanarts on Tumblr, but never someone who actually wore those looks, besides the popular Disneybound, which is often limited to snapshots from the parks. We wanted more: one fandom at a time, we wanted to redefine our wardrobes and give inspiration to other geek-girls, who felt their printed tees weren’t enough.

We started out on Tumblr, were one can easily and quickly share pictures with other fans. It is still our baby and the only source of all the pictures from the shooting, but since its beginning in July 2013, we expanded to Facebook and Instagram, where we post quick updates, one picture per character and the links to our (relatively new) Blogspot, a blog dedicated to detailed descriptions of the outfits, information about the used clothes and products, and our sources of inspiration. Just a few months ago, we also started to capture our outfits and their development on film and upload these lookbook videos to our YouTube channel. Next to our monthly photo shoots, we write short tutorials as well as posts about products we used on set and want others to see. Every once in a while, we also post some insight into our chaotic fangirl lives, conventions and of course, backstage reports.

But who are we? Well, the heart of HIPSTERFANGIRLFASHION consists of three twenty-somethings with a long-standing friendship and a foible for crazy, creative ideas. Whether it is a themed birthday party, a group costumes for carnival or conventions, spontaneous art-parties or abstract photo and video projects, we always find an outlet for our creativity.

Our main photographer and editor Lea, is almost a Master of German Studies and likes to read, write and design when she is not working for our blog. Her wardrobe consists of many vintage and second-hand pieces – mainly skirts, dresses and blouses – and her book shelves is full with young adult series from J.K. Rowling, John Green and Cornelia Funke. Other fandoms include The Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Percy Jackson, Les Misérables, Sherlock and the Walking Dead and even though she identifies as a Slytherin and a Lannister, her friends also see her as the lovely Disney princess Rapunzel – witty, creative and a little crazy! Gianna is our Instagram- and Social-Media-Guru, a self-declared TV addict, who balances her History and Archeology Studies with all kinds of movies and shows, regardless their genre. Lots of fandoms inspire her, from Star Wars, to Harry Potter, to The Wizard of Oz, but also Twin Peaks and Supernatural, as well as Marvel and Batman. Her fashion sense is just as eclectic: from flower dresses to leather leggings, she changes her style according to her mood. One thing that is unchangeable though, are her numerous tattoos and her infectious smile.

Makeup addict and self-proclaimed fatshionista, Yavanna is third in the trio infernale and as a humble Hufflepuff, she holds the group together in times of trouble. As a hairstylist in training and hopefully soon a fully fledged makeup-artist, she flattens, curls and pins up everyone’s hair and creates colorful makeups. Next to eyeshadow and lipstick, she also loves to experiment with extravagant clothing like tutus and fascinators in her bright red hair. She is a child of the stage – whether it is acting, dancing or singing – but also lives for the moments of creativity behind the scenes, by designing costumes and stage concepts for a local theater group. Named after a mighty Valar, Yavanna looks like someone from Panem’s Capitol and talks like she’s from Flea Bottom, but in reality she is just a lost Hitchhiker in a parallel universe.

But HIPSTERFANGIRLFASHION could not exist without the enormous help of our Hipster Helpers Dini and Jenny, who help us manage our shootings and platforms; Sissy and Rouven, who film us and edit the material into beautiful videos and all of our lovely Guest-hipsters, who model for us and bring joy into our fangirl lives. THANK YOU!

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The blog project HIPSTERFANGIRLFASHION shows fashionable interpretations of our favorite characters from popular fandoms. On a sidetrack to the popular cosplay-scene, we wanted to do something different: create wearable, everyday outfits.