Anna Smith Spark’s new novel, A Woman of the Sword, is coming this April 4th, 2023. The cover art is by Stas Borodin and it looks amazing! The exclusive cover reveal was done by Luna Press Publishing in collaboration with Adrian Collins and Grimdark Magazine, and you can see it here.

A Woman of the Sword is an epic fantasy seen through the eyes of an ordinary woman. Lidae is a daughter, a wife, a mother — and a great warrior born to fight. Her sword is hungry for killing, her right hand is red with blood. War is very much a woman’s business. But war is not kind to women. And war is not kind to mothers and their sons.

“No other writer manages to combine such raw and visceral storytelling with so exquisite a style. A fierce and compelling story of love, life and loss.”

Adrian Tchaikovsky – Clarke Award Winner, Children of Time

“This is Anna Smith Spark at her heart-wrenching, mythic-feeling, storytelling best, and completely unmissable for anybody who enjoyed her Empires of Dust Trilogy.”

Adrian Collins – Editor in Chief Grimdark Magazine

“Epic fantasy from the victims’ viewpoint, as seen by someone used to being a victor. Uncompromising and unputdownable – prepare to be challenged.”

Juliet E. McKenna – The Green Man Series

“Warrior and mother, fierce and flawed – Lidae’s story 

portrays motherhood as you’ve never seen it before.”

Charlotte Bond – Breaking the Glass Slipper Podcast

About the Author:

Anna Smith Spark is the author of the critically acclaimed, Gemmell and British Fantasy Awards shortlisted Empires of Dust grimdark epic fantasy series The Court of Broken Knives, The Tower of Living and Dying and The House of Sacrifice, as well as short stories set in and around the series’ world. Her books have been described as ‘a masterwork’ by Nightmarish Conjurings, ‘an experience like no other series in fantasy’ by Grimdark Magazine, ‘literary Game of Thrones’ by the Sunday Times, and ‘howls like early Moorcock, converses like the best of Le Guin’ by the Daily Mail. Her favourite authors are Mary Renault, W.G. Sebald, R Scott Bakker and M. John Harrison. Previous jobs include English teacher, petty bureaucrat and fetish model. You may know her by the heels of her shoes.

Twitter: @queenofgrimdark

Facebook: Anna Smith Spark