Stewartville. A town living in the shadow of the prisons that drive its economy. Haunted by the ghosts of its past. Cursed by the dark secrets hidden beneath. A town so entwined with the prisons waiting outside the city limits that it’s impossible to imagine one without the other, or to ever imagine escaping either.

When a teenage boy digs into the history of the town, he discovers a tunnel system beneath Stewartville, passageways filled with dark secrets. Secrets leading not to freedom, but to unrelenting terror.

Stewartville. Where the convicts aren’t the only prisoners.

“This book was fast paced, tense, and full of creep factor.  Not only was the horror potentially supernatural, but there was the horror of humanity (murder, drugs, prostitution, domestic violence, etc)”_Rescue and Reading

The Prisoners of Stewartville: Felton, Shannon: 9781951043094: Books

The Prisoners of Stewartville: Felton, Shannon, Burke, Kealan Patrick: 9781957537313: Books –

About the Author:

Shannon Felton lives in Buckeye, Arizona with her husband, their four children, and three dogs. The Prisoners of Stewartville is her debut novella.

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