What would happen if the story of Star Wars wouldn’t have taken place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away?

Let’s assume it took place not such a long time ago in 1920 and maybe not so far, far away, but on a small planet called Earth. Highly advanced lightsabers and fighting techniques, an atmosphere of “used past”, moral struggles, the eternal battle of Jedi vs Sith and…

…the cast of Downton Abbey.

Okay, this sounds totally crazy and it would never happen. But what if it already did?

Rob James-Collier (Downton Abbey’s Thomas Barrow) started the project to raise funds for the “Chilterns MS Centre” and created a site where people can donate. Reaching the target of £10.000 was rewarded by creating a second Episode called “Episode 2 – The Evil Butler Strikes Back”.

The site is still up and if anybody wants to donate for a good cause, check it out here.

There is one detail left: Star Wars works in trilogies, right? So maybe we can hope to expect one more?

Tom is an Austrian actor and director, working in theaters since 2001. He studied acting in Salzburg and currently lives in Germany. He loves being creative, putting the crazy thoughts in his head out into the world and dreaming of being a Star Wars character. In addition he is also studying Media-Management, but only if his thoughts don’t drift to galaxies far, far away.
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