Elden Ring is new action RPG developed by FromSoftware, the makers of Dark Souls. This new IP is set in an open world and has had input from George R. R. Martin, whose novels were adapted into the famous Game of Thrones TV series. The player explores the Lands Between realm attempting to gather the pieces of the shattered Elden Ring. The game will feel familiar to those who have played any of the Souls games, as the character building and combat elements will be similar, but will also include new mounted combat and stealth options. Players will also be able to summon spirits as allies which players can seek out and collect throughout the game. Some of which have to be defeated in combat first. As in the souls games, players can also summon other players to engage in jolly co-operation; sorry couldn’t resist, praise the sun.

For those of you who have enjoyed any of the Souls games or other FromSoftware titles, then this game is almost certainly going to be a must play. The combat difficulty level is likely to be similarly brutal. So if you found those other titles too frustrating or if the experiences left you with a very high new controller bill, then you might want to hold off and wait for reviews, or start a new controller savings fund beforehand. I, myself, am looking forward to its release. Feel free to check out the trailers above and below for more details.