The Official Star Trek 50th Anniversary Convention will take place this summer on August 3-7, 2016 at The Rio Suites Hotel in Las Vegas. The non-stop five-day convention will host more than 100 Star Trek celebrities from TV and film and thousands of avid fans.

The tickets, needless to say, went in a heartbeat, months ago.

“This event has always been uniquely innovative and in tune with what the Star Trek fan wants and expects. Every attendee, no matter what their ticket price, has a chance to see all the stars when they want to without fear of waiting or not getting in,” said Adam Malin, Co-CEO of Creation Entertainment. “It’s the ultimate space where like-minded folks can meet the franchise stars, argue trivia, look at the scientific and philosophical pop culture impact of the brand and of course make friendships that have lasted generations.”

The multi-day event will explore everything from Star Trek’s set designs to its game-changing foreshadowing of some of today’s top technological advancements. Along with numerous costumes, prop displays, and convention-only freebies, the gathering will be a full-scale immersion for the ultimate Star Trek fan.

The events are many and cater for all tastes. There will be presentations, photo opportunities, music, food, vendors and even the original series bridge set! And there’s more.

“50 Artists. 50 Years” is a global art exhibition commemorating the 50th anniversary of the iconic series. The exhibition features original 2D and 3D artwork by 50 artists from 10 countries who chose various mediums to express their love of Star Trek and inspiration gained from it. Included in the exhibit are illustrations, photographs, sculptures, paintings, graphics, and more by, among others, Canadian artists Jonathan Bergeron, Maria Bergeron, Mark D’Alfonso, Gary Pullin, and renowned actor and photographer Leonard Nimoy.

To the joy of the fans, CBS Television Studios announced it will launch a totally new Star Trek television series in January 2017. The première episode and all subsequent first-run episodes will be available exclusively in the United States on CBS All Access, the Network’s digital subscription video on-demand and live streaming service.

Live long and prosper!