The crossover event between Final Fantasy 14 and Final Fantasy 15 starts today and runs until 27th May. The event adds Final Fantasy 15’s iconic flying car the Regalia to Final Fantasy 14, as a reward for completing the crossover event’s quest chain. Flying through the skies of Final Fantasy 14 in your own Regalia, isn’t the only perk waiting for you in this crossover. You’ll also get to hang out with Prince Noctis and get his outfit and hairstyle as rewards, along with Final Fantasy 15 orchestrion rolls.

The crossover culminates in a boss fight with Garuda (the Final Fantasy 15 version) but beyond that the storyline has been kept a secret. However, SquareEnix promises answers to how Noctis and the Regalia ended up in Eorzea.

Let’s face it, the main draw of this event is the chance to get a Regalia to call your own, so here is a bit more information on the mount. It is a multi-person mount and can hold up to four partied players. Each additional player can choose which of the three passenger seats they sit in with different sitting poses for each. The car can obviously fly but can also be used underwater.

SquareEnix assures players that even a Lalafell can drive, by standing up on the seat. Hmm, best hope they don’t need to brake and swerve at the same time. Let’s hope the Regalia also comes fitted with seat belts and passenger airbags, just in case.

I, personally, can’t wait for the event to go live, so I can claim my goodies. I also eagerly await the exclamations of “Lalafell drivers!” as they start hitting the skies, sea and land. I’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on any in my friends list, to make sure they aren’t getting too close to my house. I’m pretty sure, the Regalia isn’t meant to also be a housing décor. The event runs until 27th May and the rewards will only be available until that time, so don’t delay or you may miss out.

Update! Since writing this article, the event has gone live to many reports, on Reddit, of cars crashed into housing plots. So better make sure your building’s insurance is up to date.