It’s been a quiet few months for game releases but things are starting to pick up with a number of releases hitting stores next month. Here are a few highlights of titles to come.

Oninaki – PS4, Switch, Steam – 22nd August

An action RPG published by Square Enix. It follows the story of a Watcher on a journey to protect life and death. It features hack and slash style gameplay along with the ability to customise weapons and demons. If you want to know more then feel free to check out the trailer above.

Control – PS4, Xbox One, MS Windows – 27 August

An action adventure game developed by Remedy Entertainment that revolves around a secret U.S government agency which works to study and contain supernatural phenomena. Players take control of Jesse Faden, the agencies new director, to explore the New York paranormal headquarters and to defeat a power foe called The Hiss. If you want to know more then feel free to check out the trailer above.

Blair Witch – Xbox One, PC – August 30th

A story driven Psychological Horror in the Black Hills Forest near Burkittsville, Maryland. A young boy has disappeared and as a former police officer, Ellis, you take part in the search. If you’re old enough to remember the movies then you’ll have an idea what to expect as the search soon descends into nightmares and forces you to confront your deepest fears. If you want to take a look the feel free to check out the trailer above.

This is just a few of the titles that August has to offer. Other titles releasing include Life is strange 2 – Episode 4, World of Warcraft Classic and Madden 20 along with many other titles.