Yes, the nights are drawing in and Halloween is just around the corner. If you play Overwatch then you’ll have noticed that it’s already arrived. The team based shooter has been overrun with zombies, ghosts, witches and, of course, candy as the Halloween Terror event kicked off on the 11th. This event will run through to November 1st and has added a plethora of Halloween themed character skins, emotes, poses and a new PvE brawl challenge, Junkenstein’s Revenge. In the themed brawl event, players choose one of four characters, Ana, Hanzo, McCree, or Soldier:76 to battle a horde of zombies in a bid to protect the world from Dr Junkenstein and his monster.

For the duration of the event, the usual loot boxes have been replaced with jack-o-lanterns filled with the normal loot plus a guaranteed one piece of Halloween loot. Once unlocked, the event loot will stay unlocked for your account and not vanish when the event ends. You can also purchase skins and other goodies from the hero gallery for in game coins, as usual. So if you have the bad luck of piling up those opened loot boxes without getting that ghoulish outfit you so desire, then there is still a way of beating the RNG monsters and getting your hands on it, before it vanishes in the receding mists at the end of the event.


I logged on to sample the new Halloween event and can confirm that it’s rather good fun. The PvE event comes in the usual three difficulty levels and can get quite challenging on the higher settings. If you’re used to just a single character that isn’t one of the four chosen for the event then you’ll find yourself pushed out of your comfort zone. Only the four chosen characters can be used in the brawl and are limited to one of each. Meaning, you can’t have two Hanzos and no McCrees. It makes me wish they’d do the same in the main game and end the spate of teams filled with multiples of the same characters, which is a real pet hate of mine.

Out of the two Halloween loot boxes, I opened in the session, I had three Halloween items in total. So the guaranteed one themed item per box is a bottom line and you will likely pick up the seasonal content faster. You can also still purchase loot boxes, all of which will be the Halloween equivalents for the duration of the event. In case your bank balance is heftier than your available playtime.

All in all, this event is a good bit fun and adds a decent selection of new event themed content. If you’ve already bought the game then it’s well worth checking it out. However, it doesn’t really add anything new to the game. If you didn’t feel it was your thing before then there’s unlikely to be anything here to change your mind.