Welcome back to Episode 2 of Hanging at the Fringe 2015. This is a show about life during Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival. For all of you creative Sci-fi & Fantasy storytellers, actors and directors, I will be talking to lots of different people involved with the Fringe, getting their opinions and, of course, hearing about their shows!

This episode is all about non-local performers – we talk a bit about why anyone would travel here to do a show, but a bunch of other things too!

David Mauer was representing Phantom Owls (@PhantomOwls) who have taken over venue 106 this year with a whole host of shows! You can find out more on their website http://phantomowls.com/.

Anthony Rapp (@albinokid) is a consultant on Uncompromising Artistry’s production of Rent . You can follow them on twitter @UA_Prod.

Linford Butler (@LindfordB) was representing The Lincoln Company. He is directing Loot at C Venues. You can follow the Lincoln Company on twitter @lincolncompany.

Rebecca Perry (@redheaded_csg) is doing Confessions of a Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl at the Gilded Balloon.

To listen to this podcast, “The Visitors”, click here. And if you have missed episode 1, “The Locals”, click here.

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Andra is a Canadian living in Edinburgh. She’s an actress, director and podcaster. She helped found Beam Theatre in 2014, and the Hanging at the Fringe podcast in 2012. She’s also a huge fan of epic fantasy novels.