Continuing our art journey around the world, (click here if you have missed part I), let’s begin with author and artist, Kevin Mowrer. Kevin wrote Frahnknshtyne, and has been interviewed by Bruno Accioly for the first Steamcast by Conselho Steampunk in Brazil. Kevin has created a series of illustrations for Frahnknshtyne and has shared several on his website, including the monster’s skull, a motorcycle, and a fantastic dragon airship. There’s also an incredible Steampunk Vader image posted in November 2010.

Alex Broeckel is in Germany and has a background of 12 years as a professional 3d artist. He has spent most of his time building and lighting digital environments for the entertainment industry. I think his work has a clear steampunk feel to it and also includes some other bio-mechanical sci-fi elements.

Pete Simpson from the UK, creates steampunk sculptures. All of his work is handmade using a mixture of materials. Often, the basic structure is a wire armature onto which is added a range of materials. Fimo, plastiroc, beads, and papier-mâché’ are all used. Pete’s work is sometimes for sale through eBay, so check his website for details.

Meinert Hansen of Montreal, Canada is someone I’m looking forward to interviewing one day soon. Fans of The Spiderwick Chronicles, 300, and The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, have already seen his amazing artwork brought to life on the small screen and the big silver screen. Meinert has also created some inspired designs in his artwork related to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and in his steampunk sculpture work.

Ignacio Bazan Lazcano is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and works in the video game industry as an illustrator and concept artist. As a conceptual artist at Timegate Studios, Ignacio builds a simulated screen of what the game would look like, including characters, illustrations, and the menu. His railway engine centaur caught my attention as a mix of stylized engineering design, and steampunk mechanics.

Jeff Wall is a freelance artist in the UK. I thought his Candescent Expanse captured not only the steampunk feel but also had a “Big Brother” quality to the imagery as well.

For more great artists and artwork, please visit the Airship Ambassador Gallery page.

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