Nine Worlds is upon us with a jam-packed programme full of goodies. Claire Powell told us: “This year Identity & Culture will be a focal point for discussion of the social justice issues, identity politics and marginalised identities that runs straight to the heart of what Nineworlds Geekfest has always strived to be about.  Everything you loved about the LGBTQIA+, feminist and race and culture tracks – now with added disability politics (including specific spaces focused on neurodiversity), and immigrant focused content.”

Identity and Culture Organiser, Jaime Magnano, says, “We’re focusing on intersectional approaches to identity and social justice with this year’s content, and our ethos is inspired by the disability rights movement slogan of ‘nothing about us without us’ – the slogan that got me passionate about social justice as a young, disenfranchised, disabled, queer and trans immigrant.  While keeping a few select 101 style sessions for learning new things from the ground up, we’re making space for more nuanced discussions, pushing new ground in the conversations we have about how we interact with geekdom and nerdy pursuits as people of colour, women, disabled people, immigrants, LGBTQIA+ people, people from marginalised religious backgrounds in any combination of the above.”

There will be sessions on a myriad of topics, including Afrofuturism, portrayals of mental health in Batman, LGBTQIA+ representations in cartoons, looking beyond level access when planning accessible LARPs, an exploration of the politics of radical resistance in X-Men, and many more.