The month of September brings a feast of free gaming goodies for PS Plus members with three solid titles to download, play and keep for free. This includes PS Plus’s first ever PSVR offer RIGS: Mechanised Combat League. See below for a brief overview of each game along with their trailers, so you can decided if their worth the space on your PS4 hard drive:

InFAMOUS: Second Son –PS4

The third instalment in the InFAMOUS franchise follows protagonist Deslin Rowe as he journeys through the streets of a fictionalized Seattle battling with and increasing arsenal of superpowers as he is hunted by the state. Set in an open world environment you are free to explore and choose whether to use your powers for good or ill.

For an early PS4 game the graphics are impressive with the gritty urban city a joy to explore. It’s hard not to share the protagonist’s enjoyment of shooting fire balls and hovering through the air. The two main characters are well written with some great interactions. The plot doesn’t quite live up to the polish of the rest of the game and the moral paths seem more like an afterthought, and don’t really feel core to the plot but that’s a minor issue in an otherwise very enjoyable game.

If you haven’t played it and already have PS Plus membership then there will never be better time.

Child of Light – PS3/PS4

This charming 2d platform game at first weaves an illusion of a simple fairy tale inspired adventure, but what lies beneath its hand painted, 2d environments and fairy tale plot is far from simplistic. The player is quickly introduced to an underlying RPG levelling system complete with skill trees, crafting, questing and a surprisingly tactical helping of turn based combat. This is fleshed out even further with some inspired puzzle solving elements and a beautiful, well-crafted, world to explore.

I have to confess this is the game my collection didn’t even know it was missing and filling that gap for free is a welcome bonus.

RIGS: Mechanised Combat League – PSVR

This game is only playable for those PSVR pioneers, who have invested in the £300 peripheral. This is the first time a PSVR title has been offered in a PS Plus line up making fans of the platform very happy.

The game drops the player in the centre of a sport league set 50 years in the future where athletes pilot mechanised rigs in giant stadiums. A wide array of rigs are available each with different weapons and specialisations. The games range from a simple destroy as many opposing team members as possible to a futuristic game similar to rugby as teams compete to score goals with a holographic ball.

This is well made game produced from the ground up for PSVR but unfortunately with it now approaching a year after launch, the game’s multiplayer mode has suffered some decline. However, the single player is still as fun as ever and with the game free for two months through PS Plus, its multiplayer mode may just find a second wind.

If you don’t have a PSVR yet, it’s not all bad news. The game is only playable for those with a PSVR but can be claimed by any PS Plus member. So if you happen to get a PSVR further down the line at least you’ll already have it in your library ready to download and play.