Derek Landy’s widely successful Skulduggery Pleasant book series encompassed nine books. Each with their own theme or ideology. When the ninth book The Dying of the Light fell into the shaking and excitables hands of the fans, they thought it was the end.

But then Landy made his fans squeal and clap by revealing the first nine books were only phase one of the story! And not long after became the beginning of phase two.

There is much to discuss and analyse in the tenth book of the series. So, let’s dive deep into the latest chapter of the Skulduggery Pleasant universe.

Years Later

Resurrection picks up not too long after Valkyrie decides to return to her hometown of Haggard in Dublin. She is traumatised and psychologically broken.

The build-up of her experiences with the Grotesquery, Faceless Ones, Death Bringer, Billy Ray Sanguine, Caelan and Darquesse leads her to make one of the most traumatic and difficult choices. Killing her sister to save the world.

Dangerous Soul

Skulduggery’s own personal development continues to evolve too. He’s influenced by Valkyrie’s actions which make him emotionally dangerous. Their friendship over the course of ten years makes them stronger together but  also makes them each other’s weak spot.

Both make reckless and dangerous choices when the other is in danger. In Resurrection, Skulduggery turns into the worst version of himself. He becomes psychopathic to the point where he taunts and emotionally tortures Valkyrie.

Valkyrie’s begins to lives in a false reality. She feels dead, like she’s empty and hollow. The dark elements of her mind show Valkyrie what she is capable of and how she must deal with her own power.

Friend or Foe?

Skulduggery’s psychological trauma somehow manifests itself through hurting the people he loves. Valkyrie is the most important person to Skulduggery and the one subjected to his emotional cruelty.

The ever-changing complexity of the two characters is the strongest element of the series. The latest chapter of their story is messy, truthful and explores the deep psychological traumas they continue to face.

Not the Chosen One

Omen Darkly is the new guy. He is the brother to the chosen one. He has none of the skills his brother possesses. Yet Omen displays bravery and resilience. A testament to the strength one person can find within themselves.

He’s a reflection of the brilliance, resilience and courage of young people. Omen’s moments of vulnerability and awkwardness are wonderfully real and bring us closer to our own reality.

Omen’s naivety, thirst for purpose and a more exciting life confronts Valkyrie’s own mistakes. She feels guilty for allowing herself to become who she is. There’s selfishness to her want of a more dangerous and purposeful life which we all relate too.

The Supreme

The development of Roarhaven sees China Sorrows as the Supreme Mage, as she now calls herself. A new magical academy and the rebirth of the Church of the Faceless Ones is a means for China to stay in control by keeping every citizen content and harmonious.

China’s motives never stay absolute. She continues to strive for her own ideology of what Roarhaven needs to be. China is betrayed by a trusted member of the Sanctuary and her anger is towards the vulnerable position Tipstaff puts her in. Not Tipstaff himself.


Resurrection is the beginning of phase two. This new chapter to Skulduggery and Valkyrie’s adventures is opening up a new world of possibilities. Valkyrie isn’t the same person she used to be. She’s older, wiser and a bit more responsible.

Skulduggery retains the advanced wit, dry humour and remarkable charm he’s always possessed. He learns he must accept those he loves are his weak spot. He cannot live without them.

Who knows what the future holds for the pair? The past is history. The future a mystery. Now, they are saving the world. One day at a time. Together. Until the end.