Crossover events have been a fairly common feature of current gen console DLC and the latest announced event will be between Capcom’s Monster Hunter World and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 14 Online. This was teased at E3 earlier this year but has now been formally announced by both companies.

The event is due to kick off in Monster Hunter World in the zone Azim Steppe where Behemoth, a staple monster of the Final Fantasy franchise, will invade, starting from 10am on August 2nd. Also appearing will be Cacturs and their move 1000 needles. The event will also introduce a new set of armour the Dragoon armour.

In return Rathalos will be making its way into Final Fantasy 14 Online as a new trial which will be going live on August 7th. This will be part of the Stormblood expansion and will only be playable by those who have completed the main questline for that expansion. The trial will be available in Normal and Extreme mode and Rathalos is said to ignore threat, making it a tanking nightmare. Completing the trial will reward players with a new set of armour, Rathalos armour, a housing item, minions and Rathalos as a mount. This trial is reported to be a permanent addition, so no need to rush to complete it.