Whether you are an Uncharted or Nathan Fillion fan the above short, star-studded fan movie is a must watch. Fans have been waiting a long time for a feature length Uncharted movie, but despite some promising noise from Sony, a while back, nothing emerged. However, this fan movie which was joint project between film director Alan Ungar and actor Nathan Fillion, most famous in sci-fi circles for his role in Firefly, may just help to get the ball rolling on a feature length production or even a series if fans make enough noise.

While the movie is only 15 minutes long, it shows the promise of what could be delivered, if the budget was found and the go ahead given. It has yet to be proven that video game franchises can make a successful move to the big screen, despite attempts by the likes of Tomb Raider, World of Warcraft, Assassins Creed. Could this be the one? By the feedback posted on YouTube, it seems a lot of fans would like it to be, and with the movie already having attracted well over 1 million views, it’s certainly getting people’s attention.

If you don’t have time to watch the movie, linked at the top of the article, but would like to know more about it then Nate is captured by a group of mercenaries over an artefact that reportedly points the way to the lost treasure of the Flur De La Mar ship which sank in the 16th century. There are some great touches of humour, as well as some very Uncharted inspired action sequences which I massively enjoyed. I really do hope that this project attracts further funding either to be made into a move or a series as I would love to see more. It has a great cast which is as follows:

Nathan Drake – Nathan Fillion

Victor Sullivan – Stephen Lang

Elena –  Mircea Monroe

Villains – Geno Segers, Ernie Reyes Jr.

With such a great cast and a new treasure to chase, here’s hoping that there’s more to come.