Titan comics have announced that they will be producing a brand new series of adventures starring the Fourth Doctor. He will be travelling with Sarah Jane Smith and these never-before seen comics will take the readers across time and space!

Gaze Of The Medusa, aย five-part series, will be released in March 2016. It was written by Gordon Rennie (Judge Dredd) and Emma Beeby (Judge Dredd) with art by Brian Williamson (The Twelfth Doctor, Spider-Man, X-Men).

Itย is set in Victorian England, where a mysterious woman commands a hidden army in a house of the blind. Scryclops stalk the streets and something alien and terrible screams from prehistory โ€“ with a hunger that cannot be satisfied!

Issue #1 will come with six covers to collect: a painted cover by fan-favorite artist Alice X. Zhang; a photo variant; art covers by artists Brian Williamson, Jay Gunn and Matt Baxter; and a blank sketch variant.