Poetry is a wonderfully creative art form. It allows you to evoke a feeling or tell a story through atmosphere or imagery. Odes are particularly freeing; they are structured in three major parts.

Often they are lyrical and celebrate a person, idea, place or thing. As fan fiction is becoming even more popular; giving fans the opportunity to write their own stories featuring the characters they love. I think it is a good idea to use poetry as a way of expressing that same geeky love with odes of the geek.

So, here are a collection of odes from the worlds of Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, and Buffy. I hope you feel inspired to write your own!

Oh, Brilliant

The ring that fell

from the hand of thirteen,

began the journey anew

and exploded the time machine.

Sometime soon, the doctor will land

(Hopefully, not London)

and start again in whimsy


When she reflects on living again,

words will sparkle

and dance in time lady style.

The Boy Who Lives

It’s now in the present,

my life after Hogwarts

is dawning- I can’t miss.

The battle is only a dream

but it keeps me strong

as I relive my abandoned fate.

Years went by,

and all is peace

but Hermoine, Ron and I

still cast a spell

to remember an adventure past.

The Race For Discovery

Dusting the bones

in the heat of the day,

a golden reflection distracts

my eyes.

It’s this that pulls me back

from my heart’s healing

of love that’s real.

In time, I will learn the truth

that hidden objects hold

you in the past

and the future a dream.

The Fight Never Ends

From the day I knew

the slayer was me,

my skin

has been covered

in blood.

Fear lives with me

and drowns

my happiness.

But, the fire

of my mission

keeps me fighting

for a better day.

Where death is less

a commonality

and more a back door

for those who wish to rest

from the fight.