In separate announcements, Polyphony Digital, the developers of the Gran Turismo games, and Level 5, developers of the Ni No Kuni games, have both announced that new entries of their respective franchises are already in development.

The Gran Turismo Game has been confirmed as a complete game, which includes the single player content of past GT games as well as the multi-player content of the most recent release, Gran Turismo Sport. The last title in the franchise, Gran Turismo Sport received praise for its graphics and physics but received mixed feedback in terms of single player content and offline play. Complaints also arose from the decision to introduce micro transactions into the game post launch.

There has been no hint of a release timetable or any announcement regarding which platform it will release for but with the PS5 a not too distant prospect, it would seem likely to expect this new title to be a next generation entry.

The Ni No Kuni announcement was similarly slim in details with Level-5’s president confirming that the game is in production and will have a release date after the release of the upcoming Ni No Kuni movie, which is due for release in Japan on August 29. Following two of Level-5’s recent releases being delayed, due to production issues, it was confirmed that the production process is being reviewed and that the developer is hoping to regain the trust of its fanbase in with future releases.

While neither of these titles look to be an immediate prospect, fans will no doubt be happy to know that the next instalment in these franchises have been confirmed as in in production.