Overcooked, a co-operative, cooking simulation game, is currently free on the Epic Store for download until 11th June. The game is great for local co-op but does have a reputation for causing arguments, as the play can get frantic and co-ordination between players is everything. You might be forgiven for thinking that a cooking sim sounds a bit boring, but the kitchen designs are both crazy and innovative with spooky, haunted kitchens where ingredients and chopping boards move on their own, kitchens split between moving vans and much more. The basic controls are simple making the game accessible to even non gamer relatives.

While the game is mainly aimed at couch co-op play, there is also a solo mode where the player can swap between two chefs at the click of a button. This mode is significantly more challenging in places than the co-op mode, so be ready for some frustration if going it alone.

If you’re interested then please feel free to check out the trailer above. The game can be download here for free until June 11th.