It’s been known that a Warcraft movie has been in the making for many years, but it wasn’t until November 2015 that official trailers were finally released. For those not in the know, the Warcraft movie had a troubled start with the first script being nearly completely scrapped, and the project pretty much started again from scratch. But it seems the movies is now almost a reality, as not only has a second trailer just been posted but we now have a release date of the 10th June.

Most gamers are well aware of the curse of the silver screen game adaptation. Many games have had films made, Super Mario, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Prince of Persia and of course Tomb Raider. However, very few of these went on to be box office successes and even fewer satisfied the fans. So the questions many have is will the Warcraft movie manage to buck this trend?

Well, going by the trailers, the graphics are clearly exceptional and the art certainly mirrors that of the games. What concerns me is the fact the graphics may turn out to be where all the effort went, leaving the story a poor cousin of that in the game. It’s a little too early to tell with only a couple of minutes of footage, but it looks pretty standard Warcraft fare, to me, being alliance against horde who then unite against which is one of the themes that Warcraft has already done to death. Still, I’m hoping it proves to be more than that.

So am I looking forward to the movie? Not personally, no. I’ve been a World of Warcraft player since it launched, but the movie has yet to grab me. I certainly want to like it, and I do hope that it will win me over. I’ll be in the queue on June 10th to find out.

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