Happy Chinese new year. Blizzard have added to the festivities this year with an Overwatch event, Well a high percentage of their player base is Chinese, so it makes sense. This even comes with a host of new cosmetic content, new skins, voices, icons, sprays and other goodies. A new, long awaited game mode has also been added to the arcade, capture the rooster. Players have been begging for a  capture the flag mode since launch but the developers were having trouble balancing it with the eclectic and rather extreme specialities of the characters. However, they seem to have done it as there are a lot of complaint online that most games are ending in draws… Nevertheless the mode has been well received and perhaps a more permanent inclusion might be on the cards.

In terms of new content, I wanted to thoroughly test the drop rate on the new items, so I opened up a total of ten loot boxes to see what players might get. I know, it’s a tough job I do. I had an average of one event item per box but only one of those was an event skin, Ana’s, most were icons and voice lines. I did, however, also get three normal skins out of the boxes along with over a thousand in currency to go towards the unlocking of a skin of my choice, so, all in all, the drops weren’t bad but I do really want Winston and DVA’s even skins.

The event is running until the 13th February and is well worth checking out if you already own the game as it is, of course, free like the previous events. If you haven’t played Overwatch since launch, then Blizzard have kept their word and have released two new heroes and maps, completely for free, so even if the event doesn’t spark your interest, it might be worth a quick return, anyway, to check out the new content. Happy rooster catching guys.