Following on from the recent flurry of new titles. The next instalment in SquareEnix’s Tombraider reboot franchise released last Friday. I’ve been rather critical of the previous two releases, mainly due to the lack of actual tomb raiding that when on in the previous two titles, but this instalment seems to go back to the franchises roots with some spectacular tombs and locales to venture through. I’ve only had time for a brief play, to date, but both the storyline and settings appear more compelling than previous titles with more emphasis on exploration and traversing trap laden ruins and tombs.

The game is also looking very good in terms of graphics and even looks on par with God of War and getting very close to Horizon Zero Dawn, with some excellent used of atmospherics to invoked beauty and mystery in its environments. While it’s not possible for me to give full feedback yet, I’ll be certain to update you all as to if the title lives up to the promise of its opening when I reach the end. Until then, feel free to take a look at the trailer linked at the top of the article.

Anyway, happy tomb raiding and feel free to post your comments on the game below.