Tolkien Recording – The Tobacconist

Birthdays tend to bring presents, and some are more welcome than others (the presents, not the birthdays…you want to have birthdays…no birthdays at all is one of those symptoms associated with lack of life or with being in Wonderland). In this case however, it is safe to say that the present was a most welcome one.

I have been through my share of language courses both on tapes and on CDs. But this, ladies and gentlemen, is the course you wouldn’t want to miss. Especially if you are about to take a trip to the tobacconist and you need to make a purchase.

The mystery box you are about to open, contains a Linguaphone course, specifically a Course de Conversation Anglais made up of various elements, including dictionaries, 15 double sided LPs and the reading booklet to follow the dialogues.

The recording that interest us, Tolkien fans, is of course the lesson called, At the Tobacconist, read by Professor JRR Tolkien and Professor A. Lloyd James.

Il faut que j’avoue un faible pour blagues…. so there! How was that, Professor Tolkien?

Here you can hear the actual recording, thanks to the British Library.