The official Star Wars databank has just released a couple of new entries related to The Force Awakens. They are usually one-liners, but there is still some information that can be gathered about the upcoming episode.

If you can’t bear the waiting and are hyped for every bit of information, you can head to databank and try to uncover the information for yourself. Aside from the entries about the main characters, there are a few unexpected and interesting minor things. You can for example find that the name of the First Order’s Star Destroyer is Finalizer, or that the Resistance pilot Poe Dameron’s codename is “Black Leader” (an important information for the old-school Rebel fans), or that one of his colleagues’ names is Ello Asty.

Many entries so far lack the accompanying image, sporting instead a black square with the text “image coming soon”. Among these are for example “Unkar’s thugs” – letting us know that there is a shady junk dealer Unkar Plutt on the world of Jakku (presumably involved with Rey). There are several other scavengers and shady criminal organizations mentioned; it seems like it will be a big theme. One particularly interesting entry is that of ME-8D9 droid (nicknamed Emmie) who seems like a criminal underworld version of C-3PO.

The biggest spoiler of all, at least in terms of plot, seems to be the entry referring to The First Order’s Starkiller Base. Not really an unexpected revelation, but a planet-shaking one.

But, in other words, if you are interested in spoilers and speculation, head to, browse and make your own wild theories. Might just make the wait for the next episode a little shorter.